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How to Copy Right

A few months ago, a friend drew my attention to an article in Foreign Affairs in which the authors argued that IP theft in China is promoting economic growth and innovation, and that the United States had done the same thing.  I have heard this type of apologist argument many times before and I decided, with the prodding and assistance of friends, to write a response.  To my great surprise and appreciation, the editors at Foreign Affairs selected my response for publication.  They edited it down and gave the authors of the original piece the opportunity to have the last word, but I am grateful that I had the opportunity to air my views as well.

The response is now online, but is available in its entirety only to subscribers of Foreign Affairs (as is their right):

By our agreement, I am also authorized to post my response here, which I do (including the rebuttal of the authors of the original piece) here: How to Copy Right

I hope you find it worth your time.  My special thanks to Gina and Brian for your prodding, support, and guidance.