Fields of Expertise

Leveraging a unique combination of deep substantive expertise, practical know-how, and relationships with key policymakers, Sentinel Worldwide offers:

  • Counsel and Strategy
  • Domestic Services
  • International Services

Owner Steve Tepp is ready, willing, and able to put his substantive expertise, practical know-how, and relationships with key policymakers to use for you in whatever context you need.

Court rulings, agency rules and interpretations, proposed legislation, and a variety of other developments can have a significant effect on your ability to protect your intellectual property.

You need to do more than keep up to date; you need to know what actions are being contemplated before they happen, whether and why they are significant, and how to make them work in your favor.  Sentinel Worldwide can help you be proactive instead of reactive with:

  • Timely, relevant, and succinct reports about IP developments that affect your company
  • In-depth, authoritative analysis from a subject matter expert and insider with 25 years experience in intellectual property
  • Strategic advise that reflects not only understanding of domestic and international IP law, but also practical experience with how government officials make decisions and the procedures and processes that others stumble over

When it is time to make your voice heard, we provide expertly-compelling, thoughtful, and articulate commentary from a sophisticated advocate who will communicate your priorities to policymakers in a knowledgeable, persuasive way from a known and trusted source:

  • Formal written comments to Federal agencies and Congress
  • Position papers, myths/facts sheets, and other advocacy material
  • Direct advocacy with Congressional and Administration officials
  • Amicus briefs in Appellate and Supreme Court litigation

Steve has negotiated the intricacies of the copyright laws of China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and most of the rest of the Pacific coast.  He understands their government structures and has personal contacts throughout the region.  Whether it is for increased bandwidth or expert analysis and representation, you can be confident that Steve will work efficiently and effectively to further your policy goals – freeing you up to focus on your critical work.

Steve is a co-author of the U.S. free trade agreement intellectual property chapter, and has negotiated the text and/or implementation of more than half a dozen different free trade agreements, plus ACTA.

He has also has extensive experience in Europe with the European Union, at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), and with IP matters before the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Utilizing this vast experience and expertise we can provide:

  • Analysis of proposed legislation and court rulings in foreign countries
  • Comments and direct advocacy with U.S. government IP and trade officials
  • Written comments to foreign governments
  • Direct advocacy with foreign government officials

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